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Cable In The Dorms

Our cable service here in the dorms has been upgraded to HD. In order to use our cable service your TV must have a QAM tuner to receive channels. If your TV does not have a QAM tuner you will need to purchase a tuner box that is QAM compatible. For more information check our cable service web page, found here

Microsoft Office 365

Students enrolled in the University can get the most recent version of Office for free, addition information on Office 365 can be found here

Wireless Networking

All users can connect to the 'UWECwireless' network SSID. This network can be used across all of campus, including the Residence Halls. More information: Wireless Networking at UWEC.

New Ethernet Port Activation Policy

All Ethernet (wired) ports in the Residence Halls will only be activated upon request. This is for wired use only, it is not related to the wireless network on campus. If you need an Ethernet port activated, please fill out the Port Activation Form.

Contact Information

Telephone: (715) 855-4271
Office: Towers North 888