The Housing Computer Labs are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Printing is also standard in the labs with students providing their own printing paper. Lab Management is the crew which maintains all the computers physically here in the Housing Computer Labs. They are responsible for all hardware and software upgrades.

If there is ever a hardware or software problem with a computer or printer in the labs, call ResCom at (715) 855-4271. If needed, a technician on duty will fix the situation if possible or notify the lab management crew so that the repair can be carried out expediently.

Please visit the Learning Spaces website for more information about the computer labs on campus.


  • Cellular phones are NOT permitted.
  • A quiet library atmosphere should be observed.
  • No eating, drinking, or smoking is allowed in any lab.
  • Keep labs clean and neat; recycle all the paper that you can.
  • Do not make any changes to the system configuration.
  • Do not install software or save data files on the computer hard-drives.
  • Do not connect or disconnect cables from the computers.
  • No gaming in any UW-Eau Claire Housing Computer Lab.
  • Software applications should be used for educational purposes only.


  • Before leaving your computer or printer, please clean up your area.
  • No Food or Drink in the labs - Honor System
  • This is a guideline to protect the equipment you have purchased with your technology dollars. Crumbs and soda pop will destroy the keyboard. Water is allowed and even if it is accidentally spilled it will not harm the keyboard.
  • Lost media or other items? Look in the lab where you lost it. Then if you can't find it, stop by the ResCom Help Desk (Towers 126a) or the Towers Front Desk.
  • Don't forget to save your work. Save your work before you print, spell check, or work with graphics. Save your file every 5-10 minutes. In Microsoft products you may press Ctrl-S to save. When you are finished working save to your H:drive, CD-RW or flash drive.

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Still need help? Please contact the ResCom Help Desk directly at (715) 855-4271 or at rescom@uwec.edu.